Name Frames

There are many different designs and wordings you can select. In the photos above, I have a frame made for a customer’s grandmother & it reads Nana Marie.

1. All personalised Frames come in an 8 x 10 frame and includes alphabetical scrabble tiles and coloured scrabble tiles, scrapbook paper, pegs (if required) embellishments & rope (if required). You will need to supply the photo.

2. These 8 x 10 frames are also perfect to welcome a new baby. This frame includes everything above but will have different wording. In the photo displayed, the customer chose ‘Welcome Delsin’, you can choose whichever wording you like.

3. The third style of frame is the acrostic Aunty, Mother & Niece Frames (please note the mother frame is not my own photo or frame). The person you are making this frame for, for example Aunty, is spelled out in coloured scrabble letters whilst the other letters are plain scrabble tiles. This technique is really quite effective & is very popular. Can be personalised to suit anyone including Grandmother, Wife, Husband, Uncle, Son, Daughter, Nephew or individual names. This frame is a best seller.

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